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For generations, mothers and doctors have instinctively known that stress during pregnancy is bad for the unborn child, a notion that is increasingly backed up by research. Stress during pregnancy increases the mother's production of beta brain waves, which trigger a cocktail of stress hormones, which are then shared with the foetus.

A mother's stress levels during pregnancy have been shown to affect the development of a baby's heart, lungs and other organs, and has been linked to a number of neurological conditions. Excess stress hormones have also been shown to influence the placenta and can be a factor in pre-term births.

Stress hormones are easily triggered, but are slow to shut down, especially if we can't escape from the cause of our stress and even if we can, those hormones only subside slowly. None of us can avoid stress completely, but it can be managed.

Regular relaxation sessions with "A Sense of Calm"  before known stressful activities, or after a stressful event, help to increase the brain's production of calming alpha brain waves, which in turn reduce the level of beta brain waves and stress hormones.

Once the baby is born it is still important to control the mother's stress levels. Research has shown that babies quickly pick up on a mother's stress no matter how hard the mother tries not to let it show, so mothers can continue to manage their stress with "A Sense of Calm," which can also be use to calm the baby by proving a controlled alpha wave rich environment, helping to sooth agitation.

For further information on sensory relaxation please read our booklet on sensory calming in our resource section.
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