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The creators of these DVDs have come together in a common cause. Everyone understands the stress and anxiety life can throw at us, but nothing brings this into focus more than watching the frustration and anguish of a loved one, or friend, struggling to cope with a debilitating condition that rules their lives. Having seen the way the DVDs have helped our loved ones and those who took part in our trials, it is our desire to bring these benefits to a wider audience for general relaxation and to continue to help those who find agitation a constant part of their lives.

PRODUCER, DIRECTOR AND GRAPHIC ARTIST - Peter Higgins. (Company Director)
Peter H. studied Psychology as part of his Bachelor of Science degree from Manchester University. After university he helped to build a successful jewellery design and manufacturing business, before forming a creative partnership with Sue James, writing TV formats and scripts. Peter has sold format options to, amongst others, Sony Pictures International Television and CBS of America, whilst also working as a creative consultant to leading European production companies, including Celador International and 2waytraffic. Between 2007 and 2009, Peter scaled back his commitments to help care for his mother, who after the onset of Vascular Dementia, became the inspiration for Peter to create A Sense of Calm and the images for the first of our sensory DVDs.

PRODUCER - Sue James. (Company Director)
As Peter’s partner in their media company, Cooil Creative, Sue co-writes formats, researches the material and as our producer is the person who organises everything, makes things happen and keeps things moving smoothly. Sue is a co-founder of A Sense of Calm and helped Peter and his brother, Derek care for their mother during her illness, for which they will be eternally grateful.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – Chris Pye. (Chairman)
Chris began his career at Granada Television in Manchester. In 1980, he moved to Los Angeles where he produced and wrote five series of 'Unsolved Mysteries' for NBC, which was nominated for three National Emmy awards. He also wrote and produced over 1,000 hours of other entertainment and reality shows such as 'That's Incredible' and 'You Asked For It'. In 1993, Chris returned to the UK running Anglia Television and then, as the overall Head of Entertainment at BBC Television. Chris spent three years as the Head of Commercial and Business Affairs at BBC Production; played a crucial role in setting up BBC America and sat on the Board of BBC Worldwide. After a period as Head of Worldwide Formats for Sony Television International, Chris became the Chairman and Deputy CEO of 2waytraffic, the AIM-listed, Dutch company that acquired 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'. Chris is now chairman of Imagine Nation, a Dutch-based stage, event and film exploitation company, as well as a number of UK media companies such as About Corporate Finance – the leading British boutique financial advisory business and TV production companies Outline Productions and Absolutely Productions.

MUSIC – Pete Baikie.
Pete B. is a composer, a writer and a comedian, who was one fifth of the Channel 4 sketch-show Absolutely. Pete’s musical credits include the theme music for Shooting Stars, Two Fat Ladies, It's Only TV... But I Like It and The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. He was also the bandleader on the Jack Docherty Show which launched on Channel Five in 1997. Although he is proudly Scottish, he managed to win 4 Welsh BAFTAS as the producer of ‘Barry Welsh is Coming’ and ‘Hugh Pugh’s History of Wales’. Pete also spends time as a therapy counsellor and has been literally instrumental in helping to create the atmosphere and tempo for A Sense of Calm.

MUSIC - Dan Garland.
Musician and computer scientist, Dan works alongside Pete B. on the music for A Sense of Calm. Dan is a gifted pianist, who won the Sheila Mossman Award for the highest mark in the country for his Grade 6 piano. Since then, Dan has combined composing music, writing songs and playing as a session musician with his work on computers and programming. Dan also has experience working with Autistic children.

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