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SPECIFIC LEARNING DIFFICULTIES including Autism and Asperger's

Learning difficulties is a term often used to cover a number of conditions. This generalisation can be annoying to those living with one of these conditions that include - Autism, Asperger's, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyspraxia & Down's Syndrome. These, and other conditions classed as learning difficulties, are all neurologically based and all show symptoms of sensory sensitivity and difficulty coping with some aspects of the environment.
For example, people who are dyslexic can get very anxious filling in a quesionaire, entering a pin number, or reading a menu in front of other people. Someone with ADHD may find it difficult to concentrate on a task because they become overwhelmed by all that is going on around them. Someone with autism may struggle with memory associations, so they may have a favourite seat at a coffee shop simply because the last time they sat there they had a good time and they get upset if that seat is taken next time. These memory associations can be very important to someone living with sensory processing issues.

The degree to which different people cope with their environment depends on the severity of their condition.  Someone with mild dyslexia may appear to cope well, even though they themselves may be anxious inside. Others with more profound learning difficulties will find it harder to cope and may be unable to communicate their anxiety. This may result in frustration, anger, or behavioural problems.

"A Sense of Calm" uses abstract images and specially composed music to create an atmosphere rich in alpha waves. This naturally helps the brain produce its own relaxing alpha brain waves, helping to reduce agitation. The abstract nature of the images in "A Sense of Calm" also aids visualisation, allowing the viewer to create scenes, or assign meaning to the images in their own imagination rather than relying on images that may be tainted by the viewer's  past memories.

"A Sense of Calm" is being use in a number of special needs schools and by parents of children with special needs.

For further information on learning difficulties and sensory relaxation please read our booklet on sensory calming in our resource section.
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