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According to The World Health Organisation 25% of us will experience mental health problems in any one year. Some will be predisposed to anxiety disorders, others will be frustrated by health issues or injuries, but for many it will be the hectic pace of modern life, personal issues, or work that makes them anxious.

Our mood is often determined by the environment in which we find ourselves. Our brain uses our senses - sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, balance and self-awareness, together with experience and memory, to interpret our surroundings and determine our behavioural and emotional response to that environment.

If something irritates, or frustrates us, we start to produce high frequency beta brain waves. Continual high beta activity causes anxiety, agitation and stress. This puts the body on alert, triggering the fight or flight response, which activates a cocktail of hormones, including adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol, increasing heart rate and blood pressure, and while our bodies are quick to create the fight or flight response, they are slow to shut it down.

"A Sense of Calm" helps to rebalance brain wave activity by encouraging the brain to increase the production of relaxing alpha brain waves, thereby helping our brains to naturally shut down the fight or flight response and alleviate stress and anxiety. "A Sense of Calm" is being use to help relax people before undergoing surgery and post surgery to aid their recovery as well as for those recovering from short and long term illness and is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain good mental health and relief from everyday anxiety and stress.

"A Sense of Calm" is effective by itself, or it can also be used to enhance other therapies, like massage, yoga, tai chi, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, spa treatments etc and can be used at home, at work, in a reception area, chill-out room, coffee shop, or waiting room, making "A Sense of Calm" flexible and ideal for those with demanding lifestyles, challenging jobs, or when going through a rough time.

For further information on anxiety, stress and relaxation, please read our booklet on sensory relaxation in our resource section.
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