PRODUCT - A Sense of Calm, Sensory Relaxation to combat stress and anxiety

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A Sense of Calm DVDS and CD

"A Sense of Calm 1" DVD

Six specially created, relaxing video tracks featuring the serene simplicity
of floating bubbles and spheres in space.
Total length - 60 minutes consisting of six 10 minute tracks.

$25.00 Add

"A Sense of Calm 2" DVD

Seven specially created, relaxing video tracks featuring
gently flowing abstract patterns
Total length - 70 minutes consisting of seven 10 minute tracks.

$25.00 Add

A music CD
containing the music from
A Sense of Calm 1

"A Sense of Calm 1" music CD

Many of you who are using the "A Sense of Calm 1" DVD, have
asked if the music is available on CD, to use in a car, or at other
times when it is not practicable to play the DVD, so here it is....

$12.50 Add
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