"Thank you for letting me have a copy of your "A Sense Of Calm" DVD: it was very helpful.
My daughter has an unbalanced translocation of chromosomes, causing severe learning difficulties and early onset dementia, which leave her often confused and agitated. Your DVD proved very effective in calming her and giving her the opportunity to enjoy and engage with an involving and immersive visual stimulus. It helped her to relax and it helped me to take some of the stress out of her day. ”
Vicky Thompson-Carr Essex

"Initially we trialled the DVD in the Dementia wing, then progressed to the general Nursing wing.  As a result of the wonderful calming effect the DVD has, we decided to purchase a mobile sensory unit, promoting the use of the DVD throughout all the wings of the home."
- Annie Bairstow Matron RN RMN MW. Castle View Nursing Home, Peel.

"I recently gave this DVD to my father who had suffered from a stroke. A side effect of treatment medication was broken sleep and erratic tense spasm movements.”  “Not only does my father find the DVD relaxing at these times but my mother found it helps her. As a carer there is little time to relax and the DVD has given her a sense of calm when she has popped it on for short periods during the daytime.”
S.Dawe - Southport



The sample clips playing below are from the DVD "A Sense of Calm 1"

The same calming experience as a sensory room

"A Sense of Calm" is being used in over 600 care homes and schools, as well as by family carers at home, to help relax adults and children with a range of conditions, including dementia, Alzheimer’s, strokes, autism, Down’s syndrome and other learning difficulties, where the nature of their condition can lead to frustration, agitation, anxiety and sometimes rage.



"A Sense of Calm 1" DVD is 60 minutes long and features 6 video tracks of specially-created, flowing images, set to specially-composed music, designed to promote relaxation through sensory stimulation. We also include a booklet on how to get the best from your DVD. 

"A Sense of Calm 1" DVD is £32.50 and for each DVD purchased from this website we will donate £2.50 to the charity of your choice from the charities listed below.

Alzheimer's Society   -   Dementia UK   -   Mencap   -   The National Autistic Society



Those who are already using A Sense of Calm tell us.......

“The provision of multi-sensory experience is important because it provides absorbing occupation without the need for active engagement. However, of equal significance is that it also has the potential to soothe and calm. I recommended that our care homes purchase A Sense of Calm for both staff and residents to use." - Professor Graham Stokes, Director of Dementia at Bupa Care Homes and University of Bradford.

“My class team wanted to tell you how effective this DVD has been in class with our pupils. We have a class of seven very profoundly disabled young pupils between the ages of 11 and 14 and we play your DVD at the end of every school day as part of our Reflection time. Without fail, each day, as the DVD begins to play every pupil stills and listens intently to the DVD; those who have vision also watch the plasma screen and are mesmerised by the patterns. I can honestly say that we send the pupils (and staff!) home every day relaxed and chilled due to this wonderfully calming and therapeutic DVD." Annette Fidderman, The Milestone School, Gloucester.

“The DVD creates the atmosphere of the sensory room in the classroom, which is perfect for this time of day when the children need to calm after being out at play.” Adele Devine, an experienced Special Needs Teacher and Managing Director of SEN Assist Ltd.

“He often struggles with the frustration of being unable to communicate and also with hallucinations. This leads to him becoming very angry and shouting for long periods. Now, we simply play the dvd for 15 minutes and we find this is enough to soothe Dad's mind and calm him before his tea or before the nurses do his personal care. I do not know what we would do without it”. Louise Hewish, Family Carer.

“I purchased a dvd a few weeks ago and have found it invaluable. It is in use almost every day, sometimes twice a day, for my sister-in-law, who has dementia.” Sue Wymer, Family Carer.

“Thank goodness for @asenseofcalm DVD, Tom was becoming very distressed at home and the DVD has indeed chilled him out. Thank you.” Tweeted by J. M. Worgan, Mum & Author of 'Life on the Spectrum. The Preschool Years’.

“I have been very impressed with the DVD and we use it regularly in the Unit, both as a calming measure for individual children and also as background calm if things are rather excitable.” Pauline Killey, Special Needs Unit Manager, Peel Clothworkers' Primary School.



The tempo of the moving images and music on "A Sense of Calm" have been specially created and choreographed in accordance with the scientific principles of sensory stimulation and therefore do not rely on the viewer's familiarity with the images and music, learnt memory responses, nor analytical thought processes. This makes "A Sense of Calm" a pure form of relaxation therapy that has proved to be particularly effective for people with medical conditions that can cause stress, anxiety and agitation. Such conditions include dementia, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Asperger's, ADHD, strokes and learning difficulties.

Our senses are our window on the world. We see, hear, smell and touch things to make sense of what is going on around us, but sometimes, when things get on top of us, or we become frustrated by the effects of a debilitating medical condition, like dementia, or autism, the light suddenly seems too bright, the sound too loud, our skin feels sensitive to the touch and even the smell of our favourite food can cause nausea.  We are basically in sensory overload, where everything and everyone around us has become an irritant.

Because of the potential side effects of the drugs used to control agitation in patients, doctors are increasingly looking to a holistic approach to bring about a sense of calm for those whose condition can cause frustration, anxiety, stress and agitation. In these circumstances, the calming influence of sensory stimulation techniques like "A Sense of Calm'" help to produce calming alpha brain waves that act as a filter, relieving the stress caused by sensory overload.



The inspiration behind this video came when the producers saw how a close family member, diagnosed with a debilitating, degenerative illness, benefited from sessions in a sensory calm room, where lights and sound
helped provide an environment of sensory stimulation to calm the senses.

“We’d been looking after Mum for 3 years when her condition started to decline significantly. She was hallucinating, she was confused and she was becoming increasingly frustrated at not being able to articulate her thoughts.”

“She was admitted to a specialist hospital unit for assessment, where occupational therapists introduced her to the sensory stimulation of a sensory room. We were amazed how the coloured lights and music calmed her down, but sensory rooms are expensive and Mum only had a limited time in there, so we started to look around for a more mobile solution, one that could be used as and when Mum needed it.”

“In order to incorporate the principles of sensory stimulation, we realised that the images had to be abstract, but not so abstract that they became threatening, nor should they evoke strong memories, or responses, so we decided to produce our own DVD of what was to become “A Sense of Calm”.

“It worked, not only on Mum, but on other patients, providing the same sense of calm we’d experienced
in the sensory room.”

“Mum had dementia, but since then the DVD has been used for other medical conditions, including children with learning difficulties and on general wards as a relaxation aid for patients recovering from injuries and other illnesses. We also found it helped to relax the carers, which wasn’t really a surprise, because we found the same sense of calm when we watched it with Mum.”
Peter Higgins (Producer and Director of “A Sense of Calm”)



"A Sense of Calm" can be viewed as a relaxation therapy in itself, or as a therapeutic means of creating a calming atmosphere that can promote social interaction and communication for someone whose condition has caused them stress, agitation, anxiety and frustration.

The images and music in each video flow seamlessly to the next, so it can be used by occupational therapists, activity co-ordinators, parents and carers for up to one hour of therapy, or in smaller segments for those who just need 10 minutes to relax to their favourite track.

Each DVD comes with a licence that allows the DVD to be played at home, at schools, or in any health, or therapeutic environment

For further information on how, why and where “A Sense of Calm” can help you, please click the relevant sections in our index and our section on General Relaxation.




















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